I dreamt of fire again last night.

The black eyed angel from Radiohead swimming in the flames, locked as I was in the office, high up, so high near the sky, at night, and only fire in the corner to give me any sense of light. The shadows move, and the angel smiles, I see an invitation but I can feel the heat. I realise there is nowhere else to go, so I move over my desk and walk hesitantly into the flames. There is surprisingly little pain and I am all of the sudden sitting on a green hillside looking over a valley with a rich blue river streaming below me, on it are barges being pulled by cartoon cars, and beautiful mermaids wearing full Islamic clothes which swim to the surface and blow stars up into the sky past me.

There is a cool breeze and the black eyed angel sits beside me playing with a little furry dice, she offers me it and I feel it slip almost ghostlike through my fingers into the ground. Where it fell it created a hole, and I see the hole getting bigger and bigger, the angel is shaking her head despondently, and she takes flight into the stream of stars above the river and goes up towards heaven. Mean while I see a light in the hole that is getting bigger and bigger, and I jump into it, there is heat and for a small moment I think I might be falling into hell. Then the heat turns into an updraft, and realise that this is my dream and I want to see the angel again. I transform myself into a condor, and surge up past the hole and into the night sky, and there I sit on a cloud for a while looking around me for her. She pops up behind me, nods sagely and then hugs me quickly.

I feel amazing.

When she lets go the dream has dissolved.