Two years had passed since I had seen her last (before yesterday, of course). I was shocked. Two years! I hadn't even talked to her in all that time, even though we promised that no matter what happened, we'd always keep in contact and be best friends.

She was a couple of pounds heavier than the afternoon I saw her last, a week after graduation, just before I left the town to go to college, her hair was longer, and she was carrying a baby.

"Eva!" I called out as soon as I recognized her. "Eva, girl!"

She looked up in my direction, her eyes disoriented and a bit lost for a second before she recognized .

"Jenniffer? What are you doing here?!" She smiled somewhat uneasily, and I noticed her blushing.

"Oh, just visiting the family..."

An uncomfortable silence surrounded us for a couple of seconds that felt like eternity.

"Look, Jen, I gotta go... my husband's waiting for me..." her voice cracked.

"Well, I'll be staying at my parents', you still have the number?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'll call you. But I gotta go now, alright? Bye!"

We both knew she was lying.

She hugged me with her free arm, kissed my cheek, and got in her car, as I stood on the sidewalk, smiling sadly. She had turned into her mother, even after all the times she swore she wouldn't make the same mistake.

After she left, I shuddered and sat in the park for an long time, dreading the possibility that I might one day wake up and it'll suddenly hit me that I broke all the promises I made to myself and became exactly what I hate the most.