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October 10, 2002
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One Tuesday in 1983, I was born. Since then, I've lived. Done various things while in the process of living.

Now I find myself to be 19 years old, and a rather balanced human being, for the most part. You know, except when PMS strikes.

I created this account on a whim, a couple of years ago . Most of what I wrote then was crap. I am trying to reform my ways. I apologize profusely for the senseless babbling of my earlier days.

My current personal quest is to node all of Pablo Neruda's Twenty Love Poems And A Song of Despair, both the original Spanish text, and their translations, along with some commentary. Some of them are already done, and, hey, let's face it, it's not that big a project. My grandma always said, "start small, then work your way up". My mother would disagree and say, "Start big! think big! Strive for perfection!" I think that might be a reason why she's so damned neurotic. But enough about my mother.

Future Projects:
- Pablo Neruda's One Hundred Love Sonnets
- Julia de Burgos' Antología Poetica
- Pablo Neruda's Odes to Simple Things
- more to come as I think of it...

My native tongue is Spanish. I'm very good at it. When I translate Spanish to English, I try to keep the translation as close to the original meaning as possible. I am VERY anal retentive about translations. I think people have the right to have the chance to understand the little things that are implied by turns of phrases and expressions that only native speakers can really get. Which is why I try to read things in the original language whenever I can. And why I always have my friends explain slang and expressions to me. I welcome and encourage corrections and criticism. It's the only way I can learn.

Been studying English long enough that I feel I'm pretty fluent. Moving on to French!

on Friday October 4, 2002 I finally left my days as an initiate behind me.

Below, you'll see some of the stuff I've found beautiful/hilarious/interesting/amusing. Doesn't mean you have to like it.