The "What Would Jesus Do?" fad is obviously a very delicate topic for many people, and I agree that it has been overplayed, over done and completely commercialized. This I disagree with, the commercializing of Christianity. I like the thought of Christianity possibly becoming so widely acknowledged and accepted that people no longer criticize us for being hypocrites or close minded, and finally realizing we are all works in progress and make mistakes from time to time. However, treating a relationship as important as one with God Himself should NEVER be taken so lightly that people see no problem with someone wearing their Christian attire (T-shirts, bracelets, etc.) and engaging in blattenly sinful activities (i.e. - using the Lord's name in vain).

The meaning behind the "WWJD?" fad, if people would take the time to think about it, is very deep. The word "Christianity" means to be Christ-like. This is obviously not fully attainable for anyone on Earth, but it is intended to be a goal. In striving for this, we, as Christians, should not just be following the teachings and commands of Jesus. We should also be striving to act, think and talk as He would!

So the point is not just to ask yourself, "What Would Jesus Do?", but to do it as well.