In the mid-1970s, Filmation had a successful Saturday morning live-action series Shazam!, about the adventures of Captain Marvel. This led to a follow-up show about an original super-female, Isis, named for the ancient Egyptian deity. Isis ran during the 1975-1976 and autumn 1976 seasons. In 1977-1978, the show continued, without the Captain's lead-in, as The Secrets of Isis.

JoAnna Cameron played a science teacher, Andrea Thomas, who finds a mysterious amulet while on an archaeological dig in Egypt. Naturally, it gives her super powers when she puts it on and says, "Oh Mighty Isis!" Her powers include strength, speed, and the ability to fly and to move objects. Each power requires a special incantation. For example, to fly, she whispers, "O Zephyr winds, which blow on high, lift me now, so I can fly" (Never mind that Zephyr is Greek, and not Egyptian). Her transformation also provides her with an Egyptian-themed minidress and a different hair-do, in which guise no one recognizes her. On a few occasions, her show did a crossover with the Captain's, and the two heroes joined forces.

After her live-action show ended, Isis appeared in the animated "Freedom Force," part of the cartoon Tarzan and the Super Seven.

DC also put out an Isis comic book; it lasted 8 issues. She later reappeared in DC continuity for the series 52, but then died.