This is an ancient Egyptian myth. Isis was the goddess of magic, fertility and motherhood.

Isis was journeying to the city of the Two Sisters along the Nile Delta. She feared the wrath of her uncle Seth, for he had murdered her husband Osiris. For protection, she took along seven powerful scorpions: Petet, Tjetet, Matet, Mesetet, Mesetetef, Tefen and Befen.

Late one day Isis stopped in a small town to rest for the night. She approached a noblewoman for shelter, but the noblewoman shut the door in her face at the sight of the scorpions. The scorpions became enraged at this action and plotted to avenge themselves against the noblewoman.

Even though Isis was given shelter by a peasant girl, the scorpions had their minds still set on revenge. Six of them gave their poisons to Tefen, who loaded his stinger and set off for the noblewoman's house, where he stung her young son.

The noblewoman ran through the town crying for help. Isis heard her cries, and though the woman was unkind to her, she went to help for the child's sake.

Isis held the boy and spoke the true names of each of the scorpions, using her great and powerful magic. The poison was thus rendered harmless.

The noblewoman was thus cowed by Isis' unconditional kindness and the peasant girl's compassion for a stranger.

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