Editor logs?

I'm a new editor. This appointment, of which I am proud, came at a time when I'm insanely busy at work, casting for a new play (or rather, a revision of an earlier one), and overwhelmed with social events.

Yeah, it's a tough life.

I'm supposed to review The Confusion for the Bureau. I used to devour large books. I can barely get through ten or twenty pages of that thing a day.

And, while I have a half-dozen nodes in progress, I haven't been able to complete any of them, and have maintained my presence here by posting revisions of old movie reviews I've written.

Editor logs?


Mostly, I've used my new-found editorial powers to corrects typos. I know, however, that we've been called to do more than that.

And since my early days here, I've detested Don't force your gay philosophy on me. I once requested its deletion, and was told I was brave to do so. This made no sense to me. It consisted of a barely-focussed rant by a long-fled noder, responding to an inadequately-contextualized, long-forgotten students council election. Not exactly noding for the ages.

Following his rambling contribution, several others-- for this took place in the more chaotic times of 2000-- replied, in the manner of bbsers confronting a troll.

I asked about the node. No one could come up with a reason to keep it around. Icicle, one of the few-remaining noders to have a wu under that title, was happy to see it go. Bones pronounced it "shit."

It blowed up real good.

Of course, I then had to consider its twin, Don't force your anti-gay philosophy on me. Saige, who birthed that one, informs me that it is "ripe for serious deletion." Everyone else who posted there has fled, save Quizro, whose one-line contribution I've left unmolested, for the time being.

I found Quizro's quotation pretty funny, but I suspect it will follow its fellows to node heaven soon.

I don't see "killing" nodes as my main purpose here, but I am pleased to have taken out those.

I hope I'm not forcing my editorial philosophy on anyone.