I've never written a daylog before, but I thought I'd do it, just this once, as I've finally posted my first node on this side of the tunnel. I went for a seasonal topic, the Julnissen, and I thank Cletus the Foetus for his C!hing and dannye and liveforever for their feedback.

Today, lucky 13th of December, is a significant birthday for my wife, the love of my life. Last night she celebrated with two of her closest friends, one of whom also has a birthday around now.

We go out tonight.

While she was out toasting and hot-tubbing with the gals, I joined Tanja, friend and former teen sidekick, in a toast to her upcoming 21st birthday ("you're legal everywhere now"), and presided over her reunion with Tailsteak.

Tailsteak is a webcomic writer and artist (also an everythingian, though he's not yet noded), whose fame began with One Over Zero, a thousand-strip, metafictional tale set on the back of a dead bear. Despite interviews, fan art, fanfic, and a t-shirt which apparently failed to make anyone money, I remained unaware of the strip's existence until two weeks ago, when I discovered his new stuff. Anyway, turns out 1/0's sole female character, Terra, was inspired by Tanja, whom he had known in high school. I realized upon discovering this fact that I had to get them together. So, last night, at my onetime watering hole (and a key setting in my novel-forever-in-progress), we shared animated conversation, some drinks (well, the teetotaler Tailsteak drank water), and I took a photograph. Obscure web history has been made! Or it will be, when I post the shot next week.

Welcome back everyone! Since the site has been down, I've started workshopping a new play, spoken with Jet-Poop, and utterly failed to research the nodes on my "to-do" list. But I've missed this place. I hope it doesn't close again like that, at least for a very long time.

In that event, I might have to write another rambling daylog, and I don't suppose anyone here wants that.

My mother drove my father to the hospital. She believed he'd had a stroke, as if in that dark moment of illumination, she finally saw how far he has deteriorated.

She has Alzheimer's too, though her symptoms are far, far less severe. The province still permits her to drive.

Much to our relief and after months of cajoling from their children, she has agreed to put both of their names on the waiting list for a seniors' home. They were such capable, competent people. I wish their lives were not ending in this fashion.

He was one of four brothers.

Albert died in 1974, of heart failure.

Terry died in 1984, also due to heart problems.

Reno died in 1994, afflicted with cancer.

We approach 2004.

I tell myself this pattern cannot be meaningful.

I phone home when I can.

Most of the time, he still knows who I am.