Code 6, protecting IM Privacy since... uh, who knows when

This idea originaly comes from an email my friend got, but it wasn't noded so here goes.

How often is it that you're talking to your friends and your parents walk in on you saying something you'd normaly completly ignore in thier presence? Or your parents are in the room, reading over your sholder and you have no clue what your friends will say next. Whether it's "your parents are such fuckin nazis" or "So i was boinkin your sister the other day" it never turns out in a good way. Of course you cant say, "Watch what you say, my parents are reading this" That's as bad as "Hey baby, what are you wearing?"

That's why there's Code 6.

The idea is simple, when your parents walk in the room, you simply press the 6, which lets the other person know to watch what they say, like so:
JJ Jester: hello...
Randomguy: 6
JJ Jester: Ahh, since i read the node on code 6, i know that means that your parents are reading this, so i'll be good!
But what about when your parents leave? You've got your girl/guy on, and you wanna get down and dirty (i never could understand cybersex but oh well) and finally your parents leave, but she/he still thinks they're there... what do you do? Well you could type out, "my parents have left, wanna cyber?" but that's so much work, so code 6 makes it easy, when your parents leave, and you can 'speak' freely again, simply type 66 and you're done, now they know that your parents have left, and are ready to take off their virtual clothes.