I am depressed right along with our economy.

I can't neccessarily speak for other parts of the world, but right now, in Moore County, North Carolina, our economy is very bad these days.

Here are some fine examples:

I remember when a candy bar (normal size, not king size) used to cost me 60 cents. Now a normal size candy bar is 95 cents. Okay, not a good example? Name-brand canned soda was 60 cents when I was younger, now it's 85 cents. Bottled name-brand soda (by name-brand I mean Mountain Dew or Dr. Pepper) was 85 cents, now it's $1.38! Gas prices are totally ridiculous! I know people who used to complain when gas was less than a dollar a gallon! Now our gas prices fluctuate anywhere from $2.34 a gallon to over three dollars a gallon.

That's not all! Stocks are more expensive and earn less profit. Lawyers and Doctors both charge much more now than in the past. The more things inflate, the less the American dollar is worth. My paycheck is worth much less than it would have been worth when my father worked at our business.

I keep asking myself, "What would Dad think? What does Dad think? Would he have stayed in the business or would he have dropped out? Would he want me to stick it out, or find some new work? Is there any new work to find?"

Nothing is like it used to be. And see, I can say that and I'm only 20 human earth years old. Think of what the people who are 36, 42, 54, 65, 79! Think of what they can say!

I've been talking to a lot of elderly people about the economy, and they agree with me mostly. I also speak to a lot of young people about it. What piles on even more sadness and grief on me is that the youth seems used to this! But they grow up in a bad economy now, and they have even more chance to grow up to be bad. It's the whole "What do you do with a thief who steals to feed his family?" deal all over again!

I repeat; nothing is like it used to be. The only thing that never changes is that everything changes. (And apparently, Everything2 changes too *laughs*)

What can we do? I talk to everyone about the economy because the economy affects everyone. I value all the different opinions. If any noders who read this would please give me some insight or opinions via message or email (my email address can be found on my homenode), I would appreciate the input. Thank you, and maybe together, we can change the world for the better.