Much More Music... a cable television channel that broadcasts nationwide in Canada. Like Much Music, its sister station, it is based out of Toronto, Ontario.


Much More Music is a primarily alternate music station, featuring lesser-known bands than Much Music. It tends to focus on rock, folk-style pop, and alternative music. It also focuses primarily on music programming, rather than music videos (Much Music, MTV2), or stupid shit (MTV). Much More Music is essentially the anti-thesis of MTV2, which used to be a 24 hour music video channel.

Content/My Experiences

The general consensus on American music channels is that they're shallow, idiotic, and aren't actually music channels. Being Canadian, I have to say that my own exposure to MTV has been limited, although I have seen their programming (and don't recall seeing any music on it).

Much Music and Much More Music both have shows that have almost nothing to do with music, like The Surreal Life,The Flavor of Love, and Pimp My Ride, none of which are any good. However, this doesn't speak for most of the programming, and a lot of what you'll be watching will have something to do with music.

The real reasons to watch Much More Music are shows like...

  • Listed - A program that creates top 20 lists of various music-related things. These things are discussed by a panel. An example - The 20 Greatest Albums of the last 25 Years.
  • Back In... - Highlights the music, movies, and culture of various years. Always has a Top 5 best and worst music videos list in each episode.
  • Uncovered - Chooses a topic and finds the relevance it has to music. Past topics include sex, drugs, and...animals.

Shows like those make a solid case for Much More Music, like Much Music, being outstanding among music channels, primarily because the channel is about more than sheer entertainment value, and actually has stimulating programming.

And, of course, because it actually has music.

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