Many Harvard graduates find themselves working for or writing for The Simpsons. The list of Harvard graduates grows longer and longer, which may be part of the reason of the shows major success.

The list of writers who graduated from Harvard includes:

Al Jean          Dan McGrath          John Collier
Patric Verrone   Bill Canterbury      David Cohen
Jon Vitti        Rich Appel           Bill Oakley
David Sacks      Ken Keeler           Steve Tompkins
Conan O'Brien    George Meyer         Max Pross 
Steve Young      Dan Greaney          Jeff Martin 
Mike Reiss       Tom Gammill          Nell Scovell

Conan O'Brien, who now has his own late night TV show at NBC was the president of the Harvard Lampoon, which is Harvard's humor magazine, and Bill Oakley served as vice-president of the magazine.

With all these Harvard graduates working for it, its no wonder that The Simpsons have so many Ivy League references as well as jokes. Examples:

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