The other day whilst at the supermarket I noticed the young guy serving at the checkout had tattooed, on his left forearm, 'Love is pain'. Which is, y'know, a bit bleak. And in quite ornate lettering too.

I don't know much about tattoos, and couldn't tell if it was temporary or permanent. Imagine if it's permanent though - it's a bit... hasty, isn't it? I wonder if he had just had his heart broken. Still, if it's permanent... what if he changes his mind one day?

I suppose he could add "less" on the end, so that it says "Love is painless". Although that's not really true is it. And I don't think there was any more room on his forearm - he'd have to run on to the wrist, and maybe the palm.

Yeah, he could have the "less" tattooed on, or rather in, his palm! So people would go - turning their heads sideways to read - "...Love.. is.. pain....that's a bit bleak isn't i--" and he'd open up his fist to show his palm and they'd be like, "...pain...LESS! Ohhh. Hrmm. Yeah. Although that's not really true is it..."

OR: he could just insert an 'l' in the middle of 'pain', so it reads "Love is plain". It'd be hard to squeeze in the 'l', it probably wouldn't look very neat, but I think it could be done. And then in the palm: "SNAZZY". If he has a big enough hand he could add one or more exclamation marks, to emphasise the point.

Or, he could put one of these ^ between "Love is" and "pain". And above it, put in smaller lettering, "worth the". Which would be a nice message. Although it would probably look a bit silly.

OR: he could cover up the word "pain" with, I don't know, a large bandage or sweatband or something. And then tattoo a full stop after "Love is". Then it would be seemingly deep and profound, and ultimately meaningless. Just like love.

Just kidding.

Actually no, he doesn't need to put the full stop in at all!

"Love... is... whaat? why is that covered up?!"

"I can't tell you."

"Aw come on man, tell me! Love is.. what??"

and with a suitably enigmatic expression on his face he would say,

"...You'll have to find out for yourself."

That would work, I think.