Rock beats scissors. you don't need to read those silly books. that's your mother's religion. i never thought it fit you. why don't you go out and play
you could wear your new jacket
she picked these clothes out for you? well if that's what your mother wants that's what you ought to wear
you know how she gets when she's angry
look son don't cry
we need some professionalism here
look i know she hits you but it's because she loves you
        she's right, you know that son
        if i had the time i'd spank you too
but we can work on that this weekend when your mom goes to that conference
i'm working on some things right now, your mom can bandage you up good
i think she needs some help with the laundry
        you'll get friends when you're older
        right now just be thankful you have the best mother in the world
who does so much for you

Paper beats rock. your mother is with the angels now. I wanted to tell you what a good woman she was. not always loyal but good and so very smart. we all make a couple mistakes sometimes
        you've always been a bit of a mama's boy
so things are going to be a little strange at first around here
but i'm sure we will be up and running with total efficiency very soon
i've elected to move us across the country
somewhere where we can be alone
        you won't have to worry about high school anymore
        i'll pick you up this weekend
you work for me now
all the colours that will be yours
        and mine
in your suit you shall be the envy of all other boys
and in your wisdom
                which will be granted to you by my instruction
you shall learn how to accept this envy
with an Inspiring Smile
Chin up little one
        its a brand new lifetime ahead

Scissors beat paper. now come back here and give me my medicine. Sooner or later you're bound to take a trip down a very dangerous water slide son
but i want a glorious death
oh come on now.
your hands aren't callous enough to tie a good knot for yourself
        let alone end some other life
so fetch me my pen and a notebook
        and i'll teach you the honor of a good day's work
we can start at chapter one again if that's what you want
i'll make a man of you yet
we could work something out you and i
you're making a fool of yourself
you always have you know
        what would your mother think?
now there, it can be corrected if we pull this thing out at the root
you're still nothing but a Child - ten new lifetimes ahead of you i promise
... a child
put down your fucking safety scissors
pick up your crayons and marbles you idiot
        a child plays games
GAMES, you hear me?
a chi

He was right. I had had enough games.