Spent some time writing and NaNoWriMo'ing. Things are coming along, although I only cranked out arounda thousand words yesterday.

Still cranking away on the Iron Noder challenge. Lots of good stuff getting posted by other folks, almost seems like it's back in 2002.

Decided to spend some time playing Sid Meier's Civ IV: Beyond the Sword with my son. I installed Steam and purchased the game pack. In order to play, one has to make a GameSpyID.com account. Horrific and painful are understatements. Buggy code, and so slow that you can't see what the issue is when making an account. Made me want to jump in a TARDIS, go back in time, then junk punch the coder's father so he doesn't produce any offspring.

Anyway, after an hour, we were running custom mods. I played Gowron from the Klingon empire. We teamed up and won a victory in 1850 after I used submarines to nuke two cities that still had archers guarding them.

And a fun time was had by all.

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