I have read and it is said
by scientists no less,
that the human brain
even when insane,
just might be limitless.
So throw away your terabyte,
or whatever will come next.
When it comes to storing data,
the human brain is best.

Memories can never die
but often they're forgotten.
They can get lost or wander off
as sometimes is the problem.

Little tricks like sticky notes
or red strings tied onto fingers.
We've made all of these strategies
to try and make them linger.

Sometimes they are just like sand
and trickle from our clenching hands.
They wander off all on their own
and what we've lost we've never known.

But on occasion and it's a fact
they will suddenly come back.
Unbidden and perhaps unwanted
reminders of a place we haunted.
Memories we don't want to have
with tight lipped smiles
and bitter laughs.

The slightest hint of familiar scents
will start me on a quick descent
into a memory that's bittersweet
and into the past my mind retreats.

Never found when it is looked for,
mysterious and elusive.
And a whiff of memory will always be
both pleasant and abusive.