In Greek mythology there were three Graces and nine Muses. The Graces were a "triple incarnation of grace and beauty", bringing clarity and aesthetic richness to whomever they visited. Combined with their friends the Muses the Graces were “queens of song,” blessing everyone in their paths. Hesiod once said, “They are all of one mind, their hearts are set upon song and their spirit is free from care. He is happy whom the Muses love.”

The Muses were the companions of Apollo, the God of Poetry and beautiful things in general. According to an authority on this subject, Edith Hamilton, “the man they inspired was sacred far beyond any priest.”

I read man's desire to blow shit up, and to have a nice attache case.

I read everything by Juliet.

I read the Fight Club metanode.

I’m searching for some of that inspiration.

Everything means different things to different people. I know that I will never attain the numbers of the Everything demi-Gods, but, in the true spirit of the project I wish to leave this hallowed ground better than I found it.

That’s why I read Everything and I think most will agree. We see it as a brilliant resource, a great place to find a witty line and, above and beyond that, a cool place to set up residence. When bored teenagers years from now read these pages I hope they, too, can share in what Richard Feynman called the “kick in the discovery”, the true joy of finding things out. In short, I hope they come here searching for inspiration as well.