The French 'R' is very similar to the Russian 'R' in that you have watch the redhead teacher hysterically jumping around the tables and knocking down the chairs until finally, she collapses against the blackboard with a contented 'rrrrrrrr'.
Thereby my face brightens with hope and understanding, and I exhale a pitiable 'chchchchchch' sound, comparable to scraping the melted and cremated cheese from the frying pan where it wasn't supposed to be in the first place.

The redhead's eyes roll around her head and she screams: "Ze teep of yourrrr (satisfying 'rrrrrrrr' at the end of the flat English 'your') tongue muuuhst taaach the top of yourrrr maouwwwth... Rrrrollll it from the baaack of yourrrr throoooat"
I desperately press my tongue against my pallet and let the 'baaack of my throoooat' do the rest, which sounds something like a parrot imitating the angry hiss of a cat.

Many hours later (many many many hours), I realise she was wrong: all you have to do is picture yourself out of the classroom and into the arid savane.
The redhead has become an innocent gazelle and I am stalking it. With an effortless and extreeemely grateeeefying RRRRRRRROARRRRRRRR, I throw myself onto my prey...

which was nice