Yes! Comp Sci class is cancelled
Leaving me an hour and a half to tell all you people about my day.
I went to the study abroad fair this morning and encountered an extremely helpful woman from Butler University (compare with my not helpful dean from my own university. See September 21, 2000 for the details on that little ditty, as it were). She suggested to me a university in London that I hadn't even noticed before and told me that they had a very good COSI dept. and were somewhat less popular than the others in London, thereby virtually assuring me of acceptance. Being the self-concious person I am, how could I possibly pass up acceptance, and so I can finally finish my application to study abroad (which is a damn good thing since its due on October 1, 2000).
Last night was one of the least productive nights that I've had in a while. Yesterday we finally recieved from our order of two more Nerf dart guns and about fourty darts to finally complete our set for the whole house (four in total) and consequently enbarked on a virtual Battle of Bunker Hill ranging over both floors of the house and involving no real end, only temporary truces during which I went back to my room to attempt to write a paper on how peace is a "good thing". I lead a strange life. Our next door neighbors (with whom we share a common wall) even came over to find out what all the yelling was about.
The only true casualty of this extended battle was my wall which I put a hole in with the small of my back while trying to push up from the defensive crouch I was holding against it. I discovered that wall is only like 1/4 inch thick. This is what those of us in the industry call "a bad thing", for those of you who don't know.