I learned today the study abroad dean I had gone to see to resolve a few of my problems with my applications is totally useless. She essentially looked up my grades on the computer, saw that I had a high enough GPA to go abroad and suggested a few different universities I could take a look at for a third choice (I need three to go abroad). She also suggested the study abroad fair happenening tomorrow, so I suppose it wasn't a total waste.

The Middle Ages class today was really quite interesting and has been for the past few lectures. The professor has stated that he's working up to a large lecture on the Crusades and once he mentions it, its very obvious that subconsciously, that's where it was going anyway. Starting back with the Church reform movement and how that brought a different sort of Pope into the papacy then moving over to the fall of the Byzantine empire. One can see how he's setting up for one of the major events of the period we're studying. He's really a very cool professor.

Had another Spanish quiz today that I didn't even know about, but again, I didn't have to study, it wasn't so hard. I'm thinking maybe I should be in a higher class, but I really don't mind not having to do a lot of work for one of my classes. : )
Tonight my project is to stay off everything for long enough to write a 5 page response paper to stuff I mostly haven't read yet. Wish me luck!