I thought I'd do a little experiment in posting my own journal to E2 without editing (only adding in links), just to see what happens.

Andy Goldsworthy’s new book has rubbed off on me. But I don’t remember getting this much from the first book I read of his. I’ve found myself noticing things in naturearound me. I noticed a perfect rock sitting right next to the reddest leaves on campus today and felt like it was odd that they were apart and not together. If I hadn’t had other things to do today, I would have stopped and played with them. Maybe I should have. Maybe I will tomorrow. Not enough water around to make them stick, though. It rained over the weekend, but most of it has dried out by now. It was still overcast today, but no rain. Cold (low 40’s) and dry.

I can also directly attribute the beginning of this journal to Goldsworthy’s style in “Time.” I like the perspective his journal provided into his work, and thought perhaps writing and reading over my own journal might provide me insight into myself.

Another uneventful day of classes. History was even boring, as we studied the demographics of population growth of the middle ages. I got home and wasted time sitting around, chatting with people on IM and reading a little of Rachel and Her Children. I have to read that book in spurts of chapters because it’s emotionally too intense to take in at once. Its like a rich chocolate cake which you have to eat in bits because it’s too rich to eat at once.

Rachel (my ex), in a turn I find oddly ironic, has persuaded me to call up Emily and ask for a date. I figure dinner on Friday night would be a fine place to start. Fire & Ice would be a good place, if a bit cliché, but regardless... I called her, but she wasn’t in. Left a message asking her to call me and screwed up the number as I was leaving it. I started to leave my home phone number in California (this is how nervous I was), laughed at myself, then left my real number. She hasn’t, as of 12:30 in the morning called back yet. I left the message at a little before 8 pm. I’m not terribly good at this, I don’t have a lot of practice. Nor a lot of patience.