Life as usual.

I have decided that for every daylog I write I will write 2 more nodes, so maybe this will give me some motivation.

Beautiful things come shining from the soul.

Things have been getting more intimate between me and my girlfriend. Not intimate in physical way, but intimate emotionally. I connect with here now on a higher level then before. We could be across the table and a glance is all I need to tell here how I feel.

I feel like I love her. I haven't told her yet, but the time is soon. I have a whole Valentine's Day devoted just to her. I will make three appointments for her and I told her to leave the day totally opened so it should work.

First appointment is a massage. Second appointmentis a haircut and third appointment is her nails. Then in the evening we will go out to one of her favorite Italian restaraunts, where I will give here a pearl necklace for her birthday present. (Her birthday is Febraury 13th.)

Change your job or change your life?

I have recently changed jobs from UPS to Wal-Mart. I work at the produce side of a Supercenter, which means everyone and their grandma thought it was the end of the world last Saturday and decided to raid our store.

I have a problem with being in a Wal-mart, let alone working at one. I am slightly claustrophobic, so I get a little iffy around crowds. I become short of breathe and I start to panic. Once, I swear, I was buying some pants in the checkout line and I threw them at the cashier and screamed. I then ran out the door (without the pants) and threw-up on the sidewalk. Scary thing to think that I might be the guy handling your veggies, isn't it?

If my feet keep running faster on the ground, maybe I'll fly.

I am a very busy person. Mostly because I volunteer for everything under the sun. I have a problem with saying 'no'. Everytime someones asks me to do something new, I try to form the words with my mouth, but it always comes out 'yeah-a-essss'. Don't be like me

Well, Mr. Sandman is knocking on my office door, looking at his watch and asking me when he can put me to sleep. I (while still looking at the computer moniter) wave him away while saying, "I'll be down soon". He just rolls his eyes and scuttles away.