My alarm wakes me at 7:45am. I turn it off and plop back into bed for 15 more minutes of rest before I have to get up and shower.

Here begins the dream...

I get up from bed, and hurridly get dreased to head down to the corner Circle K for a Big Gulp or something else. When I get there, nothing seems appealing, and I remember I've got to get to school. So, I strip down and run through the car wash.

Now I'm soaking wet, and naked. But I'm dripping dry so It, as they say, Is All Good. I am planning to run back home and get my things to go back to school when I notice a dirt road that seems to run parallel to the paved one I was going to take. I take the path less beaten.

So, I'm running down a dirt roat, naked. Actually, it's a grass road -- a long stretch of grass between two fenced off sections. But, it's long and narrow, so I think of it as a road. I see another naked wet guy, who apparantly had the same idea I did. I pass him by, running home.

Ahead of naked-guy, I pass some big dumb looking animals on the left. They remind me of cows. I pay them no mind.

Soon I come to two clothed, walking girls. I pass them by. As a joke, to make light of my nakedness as if I'm some animal rights extremist who suddenly found out all his clothes were leather (oops), I yell out as I pass, "Don't eat meat, it kills!"

After running a bit further, I'm suddenly on the inside of the fence that was previously to my left. Not only that, I'm a goat. But hey, I still need to get home, get my stuff, and get to school. I keep running.

Out of nowhere comes one of the big dumb animals I had seen. Only, it's got teeth, as well as big sharp horns.

Now things get wierd. My dream has a narrator, who sounds strangely like Jeff Corwin. He's talking about how most goats would know this really neat technique to avoid being eaten at this point. But this goat, the one pictured here running from the big dumb teethy sharp-horned thing, doesn't know that. He's out of touch with nature. His fate is looking grim.

Just as the big dumb -- strike that, scary -- animal pins me to the fence I wake up.