As if previous advertising campaigns by McDonald's weren't enough (we love to see you smile, etc), the latest slogan, "There's a little McDonald's in everyone", is not so much alluring to the product as it is simply scary.

Think of it, if you're in the western world, you have probably eaten McDonald's at some point in your life (I haven't in over two years, but I am aware that I am an exception). Logically, then, a significant porition of the species has been exposed to the food served at these establishments. This yields McDonald's a great deal of potential power.

Say for example there was a drug that would make anyone who consumed it, I dunno, express strong tendencies to pay homage to the memory of Ray Kroc on his birthday or something. McDonald's would easily be able to slip this by the FDA using their immense clout (probably describing it as a preservative), and spread it to the masses unforeseen. Of course, we might get another national holiday out of it (and who doesn't like a national holiday), but that's not the point.

The point is international corporations are now at the point where they can brag about their power in advertisements and expect no action to be taken against them. Of course, I have a friend who thinks that I am interpreting McDonald's new slogan incorrectly, but he eats there so often I'm sure he's only saying that because he's already been infected.