I hesitated before writing this up, as it's yet another east coast vs. west coast riff, but I have to node what I know...

People actually wear pajamas into the office here in LA. They do it with shocking frequency. They wear slippers, sweatpants, surgical scrubs. They wear the flannel tops. They eat cereal from bowls, provided by the company. They being their dogs to work. They bring their scooters.

This isn't me complaining. This is me marveling. I know I that my last WU was "my office is a sensory deprivation chamber". In someways, that was more an observation based on my last place of work. This is more like a giant post-industrial kindergarten for adults. It isn't just here - I have seen this in multiple offices around the city.

To qualify: not everybody wears pajamas. But that there is even a minority that wears them TO WORK continually blows my hick/east coast mind.