Paris was beautiful that time of year. The Sun shone brightly but inoffensively and a gentle breeze carried the intoxicating scent of the market's fresh fruits.

The vendors told the boy what a great favor they were doing him offering such low prices. The boy drew his cap over his face. He had things to buy but was in no especial hurry.

And besides, right now he was searching for a different kind of fruit. Being greedy, as all boys, he decided the ripest would be his wife.

The boy channeled the coyness of the vendors. "Would you mind terribly if I walked with you for a while? I don't know this area very well," he lied. She shrugged. The boy began to talk with the girl. What's your name; oh my, I've never heard such a beautiful name; where are you from; oh really, how beautiful it is; oh right, I was just kidding, I hate it too. The boy spoke with an indifferent aloofness that belied his desparation.

"Hey, listen, there's a great café near here. It's so hard to talk while we're moving, don't you think? Let's go sit down."

"I thought you didn't know the area well," she grinned earnestly. Her surprise was feigned. The boy reciprocated her grin. She chuckled. Before long they were in a fit of guffaws. When finally, they could stop, she spoke between breaths.

"But... With you?"

She laughed again.