Windows NT contains a wu from hramyaegr, which explains what NT stands for.

New Scientist ran a paragraph in their feedback section taking the piss out of someone for saying NT technology, when NT stands for New Technology.

I remembered reading hramyaegr's wu before, checked it out, and emailed the contents to feedback (w/out asking hramyaegr first (1st mistake)).

they got back to me, asking for an address (for legal reasons or sumthin), so I panicked, msged hramyaegr and apoligised muchly.

I mailed them back w/ hramyaegr's addy, so that they could get in touch w/ him.

dammit, they either didn't care or didn't get the email, and ran a correction w/ MY name (Iain Broadfoot).

I'm sorry!!!!