As a young man hopping around in proto goth industrial clubs I was often told that "James Brown is Dead". Only later to find out that this was in fact not true.

The reason I found out that James Brown was in fact alive was due to a news report that he was arrested for beating his wife. In my universe wife beating is very frowned upon. So it would seem that James Brown was in fact not dead but instead an asshole.

Soon after this revelation it was reported that the wife of James Brown had died. Very sad. Yet possibly a sweet escape for her.

Adrienne Brown, the 44 year old wife of soul singer James Brown, died from complications related to cosmetic surgery. Does this sound fishy to anyone else? He later married a woman even younger who also in January of 2004 reported him to the cops for domestic violence.

It is just a mater of time till he kills again. Mark my words.