I consider myself to have fairly good taste in music. I like to think that my CD collection reflects this: flipping to random CDs in a Case Logic, I see Neon Heights, King Tubby, and The Pixies. I go to IDM clubs and fall asleep to the Cocteau Twins. I spin deep house and electro-disco. Still, sometimes:

I've just gotta listen to "Maggie Mae."

I would never buy anything which stemmed from the minds of Rod Stewart, Lasgo, or Dolly Parton, but you can find tracks by all of these artists in my mp3 collection. And nothing beats doing the dishes to "Tubthumping". And let's not even talk about Serge Gainsbourg.

It's people like me who truly appreciate mp3s, which allow us to indulge our random desires for bad music anonymously. It's sort of the equivalent of receiving porn in a plain brown wrapper. There are many more like me: I know those who would rather undergo death by cheesegrater than buy a Styx album, yet know every word to "Come Sail Away" by heart. I just have the courage to come forwards.

Anonymously, of course.