Less Than Jake consists of:

Chris: Vocals and Lead Guitar
Roger: Vocals ans Bass Guitar
Vinnie: Drums
Buddy: Trombone
JR: Saxophone

Less Than Jake were one of the pioneers of Ska-Punk, alongside The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. These were the first two Ska-Punk bands to include a horn section, although they have completely different styles. Operation Ivy, however, is recognised as the first Ska-Punk band. Less Than Jake brought together a blend of happy up-stroke guitar rythms and horn work which has since been one of the benchmarks for other similar bands such as Reel Big Fish, the UK-based [Spunge], and the lesser-known Mustard Plug.

Less Than Jake are also known as the most commercialised Ska-Punk band. Whilst they have become popular worldwide they have still stayed true to their roots and cannot be accused of becoming a sellout. One person who did accuse them of being a sellout was someone they nicknamed 'Johnny Quest', they subsequently produced a song called 'Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts' to poke fun at this person.

Information sources: http://www.lessthanjake.com and my friend Alex, a guru of punk music.