The Lurker is a unit in the PC game Age of Wonders.

Vital Stats

Level: 3
Alignment: None
Cost: 56
Upkeep: 8
Gender: It
Type: Creature
Attack: 5
Damage: 6
Defense: 4
Resistance: 5
Movement: 26
Health: 10

Walking, Swimming, Poison Strike, Strike, Poison Protection, Water Concealment
Abilites Added at Silver:
Abilites Added at Gold:

The Lurker is about as close to a "trap" unit as it is possible to find in the game. The Lurker is designed to sit in a river or lake close to shore, wait for enemy units to pass by, and kill them. Lurkers rely on their strong offensive melee power to take down an enemy, so attacking a pack of ranged units is not advisable. Lurkers, unfortunately, are slow as well, so try to avoid fast moving, powerful cavalry units. The prime targets for Lurkers are low-level melee units or lone weak ranged attack units. A practical secondary use of Lurkers is to sneak around the ocean to attack an enemy from their blind side. This unit is somewhat limited in combined arms offensive situations, so employ Lurkers when you have terrain advantages to use their Water Concealment ability.