The meme that states that there are attractive, young, well-built women that like sex with other women and are willing to let you watch.

There are actual Lesbians. There are even women who like people to watch them have sex. I have to assume that there are lesbians that like to have people watch them having sex.

Why then, this insistance by the popular (porn) media that all attractive, young, well-built women are willing to have sex with similar women at the drop of a hat?

If anyone knows of anyone who is like that, drop me a line.

So much of our time is wasted on these fantsies that are so unlikely as to be more real than tolkien. And why? Because men can't help it. Why men like lesbians has several theories, but no one seems to know where this meme started.

This meme spreads through both porn and more convential media.

Reality: There are very, very few beautiful lesbians having sex with the first beautiful woman they see while on camera.