Yes, I lied to a pastor.
Yes, I flirted with the DJ/producer girl.
Yes, I assumed a thick southern accent and turned on my legendary charm.

Things I should have done:

  • Asked Mary Lou out. She was cute, in a hick country radio station sort of way.
  • Gotten the Old Lady's autograph. She was outstanding. We listened to her babble about Joseph and his coat of many colors and his brothers for more than twenty minutes. Never got what her point was, though.
  • Invited them all back to the cabin. That would've been cool.
  • Crashed the funeral. I would have loved to meet the Cox's.
It is a really tiny radio station. Mary Lou was the DJ, producer, director, and receptionist while she is there. She is going into broadcasting after she finishes school. Yeah, right, kid.

The pastor, we learned, has been preaching to the DJ's window for more than fifteen years. Evidently this is slap nuts funny in Sparta, NC, because he laughed and laughed after he said that. We kind of smiled.