Why does being a fictional construct make Zool less real?

The Heavens Gate weirdos believed in something about as far out as Zool, something that very, very few people could hear without laughing. But in a manner of speaking, it was real. It was real to them, real enough to be castrated for.

I don't think I believe in the chair I am sitting on that much, if you know what I mean.

So to you and I, the Celtic gods may be a pretty silly bunch of stories. So are the Greek gods, the Chinese gods, and the Jewish gods, depending on who you ask.

My opinion of them does not make them less real, or more so, to the people that believe in them. Even something obviously fictional exsits as a consturct of a possible universe, as real in it as UFO cultists are in this one.

Real is subjective, tangible is not. Tangible gods don't require much faith, as Douglas Adams pointed out. Worship, belief, and evangelicising won't make a subjective god tangible, and therefore no more or less real.

You may call me:

Hermetic "The Twisted"