Yesterday | Tomorrow

I slacked long and hard today. I haven't left the house at all, haven't done the laundry, paid the bills, checked the mail, nothing productive at all. I have been putting in about 60 hours a week at work, so I feel really weird about completely ignoring it all day today.

Today was the Sunday before Labor day, and I didn't wake up until after 7am, which is very rare for me. I had to take several sleeping pills last night, and still only managed about six hours of fairly restless sleep.

Meals today included instant oatmeal, a loaf of frozen garlic bread, and cheddar and Ritz Crackers.
I did shower, but I have done nothing else but play on a MUD Juliet convinced me to go to, and hang out on #everything. This is also an open invitation for all of you to come visit us in #everything. Think of it as a realtime chatterbox.


  • I am happy that Void_Ptr has become an aunt.
  • I am still hoping that (Darsi) and TheBooBooKitty are as serious as they sounded in their earlier daylogs... I like to see people happy.
  • I was extremely upset to learn that Dann has Guillain-Barré syndrome; I was once a corpsman, and I have known people that have had it before. Dann is a wonderful guy, I am proud to have met him, and I am sorry that something like that could happen to such a good person.
Several people enjoyed and agreed with what I wrote in yesterday's daylog. I got enough positive feedback that I am convinced that it is a worthwhile thing to do now. As I think about it more and more, I have come to feel that everything is almost solely about the community it engenders. The mentoring, the Incestuous Everything phenomenon, #eveything... All of these are related to us, and how we interact with each other.

Don't daylog for yourself; What's the point? Daylog for the people that care about you, so they know what is going on in your life.