I have had good cocaine.

I had a surgical proceedure done on my sinus cavities.
One of the side effects of cocaine is the constriction of blood vessels in the vicinity of the area where it is being absorbed. With this in mind, surgeons order a cloth covered wire be soaked in a cocaine solution, then stuffed up the nasal passages to allow better access to the sinus area.

Let me tell you this: pharmecutical grade cocaine is impressive. I can assure you that becomeing addicted to it would be extremely easy. An absolutly incredible waking-dream feeling. Peace. Even when I could hear the "bone biter" doing it's work inside my skull, it was all good. The becoming-drunk-euphoric feeling, all over my body. wow.

I spent a week with tampons (for lack of a better description) crammed up my nose to stop the bleeding, but I would be willing to have the surgery again just for the cocaine.

Don't judge people too harshly for addictions if you have never tried the drug. A lot of what hooks people is the feelings they get when taking things. Many people just do what feels good, you know?