I stayed home from work again today. I feel better, but my whole family has had strep throat and I am probably still contagious.

In related news, the project I am working on has been moved closer to it's due date by a week. Luckily the data (see Clean Data) has been, or is in the process of being, fixed. It has also been expanded, so it will actually make the site worth visiting once it is released. Of course this means that I have to re-write the entire engine, re-enginner the database, and redesign the displayed information. But that's easy, right?

I have missed two days of work due to strep throat. It sucks mostly because I love my job. It also sucks because I am already running behind on several projects because of the stupid meetings that I am forced to go to. I have to go to status meetings, design meetings, discussion meetings. Dammit Jim, I am a geek, not a manager.

The worst part of the whole family being sick is that my wife gets so whiney. She starts to moan at every little thing, hoping I will notice and take pity on her. She has actually told me that she does this, so I am not imagining it. It doesn't work very well, however, when I am exactly as sick as she is, since we both got it at the same time from our year old son.

Babies are dirty and carry disease. Stay away from them at all costs.