Well, the main problem that I see in this whole sexist "women/men are inherently better" discussion is that everybody seems to be dividing the entire human race into 2 seperate groups and judging them. Even if you COULD rate the two sexes in some numerical way (which nobody has even TRIED), it would just be a sloppy average.
I've known women who were stronger than many men, I've known men who were more emotional than women. I've known women who wanted to go to war, I've known men who just wanted to stay home and raise the kids. Whenever you start making groups with BILLIONS of individuals in each, the results are going to be meaningless. You end up with generalizations that don't really apply to anyone.

To anyone who thinks men are better than women because we are stronger, I can find a woman who can kick your ass.
To anyone who thinks that women are better than men because you are more sensitive, I can find a gay guy who's a HELL of a lot more sensitive than you are.