Petty things:
Also known as petit things.
In life people take many things for granted. People also do things without thinking, good and bad. Then there are the small things, the small things that people think or know that makes their life better. Some personality types have a bigger problem with keeping things perfect and in check exactly to the second or space. I have taken three common and practical petty things that people may do, and explained why. Please note these petty things are usually done because of personality traits, not because you are weird... or are you?

Toilet paper:
In the bathroom and your sitting on the pot, is you're toilet paper dispenser facing up or down? And by this I mean does the paper roll down with gravity, or roll over and hangs. Now frankly if you don’t know you’re in the same boat as me, I don’t care. But for those of you that do, can you give a specific reason why? In hotels it hangs over the top, to “look nicer.” In some homes, same idea. But if you don’t have a reason and it’s just this compulsive urge to have it one way or the other, that’s the problem. It’s a petty thing that doesn’t matter. A side note, perhaps you like it one way or the other because you wipe from behind or in front. I’m not sure how it would help either way...

Sock Drawer:
Do you have a drawer? If you do, do you put your socks in there perfectly neat to match their color coded places. Perhaps your socks have joined Sock Heaven. Or are you like me, are they chucked in there and rammed hoping to fit the drawer back into the dresser. Or are you like me and their thrown all over my room, some dirty, some clean. Now don’t start thinking boys have dirty rooms and girls have clean, you’re wrong. Girls, when they have messy rooms, are rather messier than boys. It’s hard to say which sex is dirtiest, I’d say we are all clean. So either extreme, dirty and messed up, or clean and in their perfect spots. Neither is bad, or good, just another petty thing that people do without thinking.

Dominant hand:
Left or right, or ambidextrous? Or if you have three hands... I won’t go there though. Left handed people can type faster on the computer because the left sided keys are used more. Right handed people are more common and have everything fitted for them. So those lefties out there have to go searching for the left handed pair of scissors or they deal with it. Both people who have dexterity or adroitness in both hands, have a very useful trait. They are able to do things with either hand at any time. The petty thing between using the hands is related sometimes to how you grow up. But for my case I was taught right hand things all my life and now that I’m older I feel urges to use my left. So I do. About the only thing I can’t do better with my left than my right now is throw a ball, and write with a pencil/pen. (I have horrible handwriting as it is, so I didn’t care.) So whether you use either hand, or you’re ambidextrous, this petty thing is a choice to be thought about.