The fun presents I received for Christmas:
I received some great stuff, including: Basketball N-64 Courtside2, model airplane P-61 Black Widow, a necklace/ring/watch, The Pillars Of Creation - Book by Terry Goodkind in the series Sword of Truth, B-digital camera, book light, new plastic glasses, Chessmaster, and of course lots of candy. I immediately started playing with the basketball game. I took Kobe Bryant up for a few dunks, and shot some three pointer contests with Glen Rice. Afterwards I pieced together my watch and got it ticking. Then I installed my Chessmaster on my computer, and read some annotation. It was a very fun Christmas, full of cheer and happiness. The best present I received was my family still being together and loving.

Reading the Odyssey:
The Odyssey, written by Homer, and the version I was reading translated by Samuel Butler, was very intriguing compared to other translations. In Book IX ‘chapter 9', the Cyclops eye poking part, I read in my translation, “Noman is killing me by fraud! Noman is killing me by force!” Take the word Noman, it the name of whom Odysseus told the Cyclops Polyphemus. But in other translations, “Noman”, is “Nobody”, or even “Noone”. I thought this very interesting. But the chapter is very funny, as they had been trapped in the Cyclops’s cave and put him to sleep with a drink to poke his eye out to later escape under sheep and rams. This is my favorite chapter in the book The Odyssey.

What I did on the day I didn’t attend school:
I slept until 10am in the morning. What a sweet blessing. I’m missing school because I’m sick, sick with what I’m not sure. I just have major headaches, severely being tired, and diarrhea. I did enjoy being able to relax, watch the television, get on the computer, and eat and drink freely. It was very nice to miss my B-day schedule, especially Math. Although going back to school the following day is quite harder and miserable, I will be able to go newly refreshed from sleeping well. Tomorrow I also have to go see the Chiropractor again, to realign my back and neck.