A new release co-starring Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt as a mother and daughter con artist team. Their con involves the mother marrying a man and leading him to the brink of insanity with sexual frustration, only for the daughter to step in and easily seduce him (although, this being a Hollywood job, no one actually has sex with anyone.), only to be discovered by the new bride in the act. A swift divorce then follows, and the settlement is the fruit of the con job.

There are several levels of cons gone wrong in this movie, with mother conning daughter, daughter lying to mother, the cons being conned by other cons and one disgruntled ex husband taking them for a ride. Gene Hackman and Ray Liotta give great preformances, and I didn't even recognise Jason Lee as being Azrael from Dogma, he was so cute. Anne Bancroft plays a tiny cameo and simply lights up the screen whenever she's on it. That lady's got class.

Almost all the gags in the movie work to perfection, with a good mixture of tried and tested ones with quirky original ones. There is also a brief section in the middle where the humour gets cringingly embarrassing, which I don't personally go for, but the theatre was booming with laughter.

Both ladies look fantastic in the movie, JLH never once making an appearance in anything which adequately covers either her ass or her tits. Still, it's quite tastefully done and there is no nudity, which makes me wonder what the hell they gave it a certificate 15 for.

The movie was directed by David Mirkin, and I'd recommend it as a no brainer, light comedy night out.

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