January 17th, Friday, 2003.

My Friday night preparing for my Model United Nations episode. Today although my delegation received the award for top three ‘in other words first because we were’, it was a long boring day. See January 19, 2003. The previous night was far much more interesting, trial-some, and annoying. Please see Writing MUN Policy, Model United Nations, and MUN parliamentary procedure, to further understand this node and the topic.

Partying on a Friday night.
Holy fussing crud, can college people throw parties or what? People were actually enjoying themselves with appropriate things! No alcohol - or drugs! Luckily they had pizza, cake, and a lot of goodies, NOT TO MENTION THE FREAKING GOOD LOOKING GIRLS!!!. Songs were sang, people laughed, and I did enjoy myself other than the fact I didn’t get any sleep, leading into a four our night.

Sleep, where is it?
Trying to go to sleep in an apartment with twenty-some college singles, all of whom were attending BYU, is impossible. Especially since half of them were girls. I did meet a linebacker for the BYU football team, Carlson - his last name of which I forget his first. I told him how the Edwards coach has a grandson who is one of my best friends, a neighbor. I also told him about my chess career and the reason why I was at the apartment - Because there wasn’t enough room at Joseph’s dorm and BYU is strict with a rule of an age of 16 or older only. Joseph’s brother, John, was who we were staying with. Unfortunately because of all this, I got to bed at 3am in the morning, only to awake upon my alarm at 7am. I’m a big sleeper, I’m sorry four hours is not enough! Sleeping bag, and couch pillow, I slept upon. But I did find out sleeping with my legs elevated help me sleep.

Provo city, what went wrong and why.
We attempted attending a movie at 11pm on a Friday night, in a singles area, and Mormon populated. They were sold out of every single movie, from the stupid P.G.’s to the better P.G.-13's. They didn’t have any R-rated movies, again it was Provo, Utah. Our group of two cars, eight people, went on many wild goose chases running around Provo. Finding somewhere to eat food, then ice-cream, then a movie, followed by trying to return to the Helaman Halls - and getting lost. The worst thing about this night was the fact I couldn’t stay in the dorms because I’m not sixteen, and Brigham Young University has strict rules. Although because of us all this, I was still asked, “Did you have fun?” My quick reply was, “No... Because I haven’t written about it yet.”

Sources include my brain, Provo, and delusions.

Please see MUN parliamentary procedure, parliamentary procedure, Brigham Young University, Writing MUN Policy, and Model United Nations, to find more information about this topic. See January 19, 2002 to read about the Saturday tournament.