Poire William liqueur is made from the Poire William pear and has a strong, fruity aroma. One particular brand, Poire Prisonnaire, has a whole pear inside each bottle of liqueur. This novelty is managed by growing the pear from a bud inside the bottle. The bottle is attached to the branch and all other pears on the same branch are cut off so that all nutrients go to the one pear. By periodically blowing air in the bottle, one can prevent it from rotting. Before the bottles are filled with liqueur, the pear is pricked to let the juices out.

In Japan, a similar process is used to grow melons in square shaped containers. The melon, constrained by the boundaries of the container, acquires the rectangular shape. Apparently this process also renders the fruit quite bland, making it mostly an ornamental garnish.

In California, eggplants are grown in molds that have the likeness of celebrities!

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