Two heroes have used the name The Human Torch and both were published by Marvel Comics. The first Human Torch made his first appearance in Marvel Comics #1 while the second Human Torch made his debut in Fantastic Four #1.

The original Human Torch was not human, but a sophisticated android created by Professor Phineas T. Horton. Horton had made great strides in the area of artificial intelligence and robotics and his finest accomplishment was a robot that looked fully human and even had a computer brain capable of independent thought. The only flaw in Horton's design was that his creation was built of an unstable material that burst into flame when it came into contact with air.

After revealing his creation to the general public in a news conference in the late 30's, Horton enclosed the robot in an airtight case and buried it in concrete, hoping to one day discover a way to control the spontaneous combustion issue. The robot escaped however and began to explore the world, but was met with fear and panic. After being dubbed by the press as the Human Torch, the android realized he was endangering others and fled to the desert. While in the wasteland, the Human Torch learned to control its ability to burst into flame, but decided to use its ability to fight crime.

The Human Torch paired with a young mutant with the code name Toro whose powers closely matched those of the Human Torch. The two often clashed with the Sub-Mariner and eventually became members of both the Invaders and the All-Winner's Squad. The two were made powerless by Russian agents using an advanced chemical and the Human Torch was believed to have been killed. The agents buried him in the desert of New Mexico. A few years later, the test firing of an atomic bomb on that sight caused the Torch to revive and he found Toro and they continued to adventure together.

After a time, the Human Torch found that his flame was growing in intesity due to his exposure to radiation. Fearing that he would harm innocents should his flame flare at the wrong moment, the Torch sought to burn himself out in one huge flare. Heading to the desert again, the Torch did just that, but rather than dying, he again was deactivated for a time.

While the original Human Torch was inactive, a teenager named Johnny Storm accompanied his sister Susan, Susan's boyfriend Reed Richards, and Richard's friend, Ben Grimm, on an ill-fated trip in a rocket of Richard's design. The trip exposed the passengers to massive doses of cosmic rays resulting in them developing unusual powers. Storm found that he could burst into flames without harm to himself and fly. He could also project the flames and had some limited control of fire in his area. Storm adopted the name the Human Torch and began to adventure as a member of the Fantastic Four, the Marvel universe's premiere super-hero team.

After a few years, the original Human Torch was discovered in the desert by the villain the Mad Thinker. Reviving the android, the Mad Thinker pitted the original Human Torch against the new Human Torch in the desert of the American southwest. The two fought to a standstill, until the original Torch realized that he was being used for evil purposes. Battling the Mad Thinker, the Torch again was deactivated and buried with honors, believed to be dead.

Storm continued to work with the Fantastic Four for many years. During the so-called Secret Wars, Storm's teammate, the Thing, discovered that he could willingly transform between being the inhuman Thing and his original form as Ben Grimm and chose to stay on the planet formed by the Beyonder. The rest of the heroes returned to Earth. In the months to come, Storm fell in love with Grimm's girlfriend, Alicia Masters. The two were eventually married. It was later revealed that the woman who Storm had married was not Alicia Masters at all, but a Skrull spy named Lyja.

The original Human Torch was revived by the West Coast Avengers in the course of investigating the origins of the hero the Vision. It had been believed for many years that the villain Ultron had used the body of the original Human Torch to create the Vision, but this was found to be one of Ultron's lies. The original Torch fought along side the West Coast Avengers for a time.

The Human Torch then answered the call of Spitfire, an old teammate from the Invaders. Believing that the Sub-Mariner was in trouble, the two heroes along with the latest hero to take the name of Union Jack went to Namor's rescue. During the insuing battle, Spitfire was mortally injured. The Human Torch began a tranfusion with her saving her life, but costing him his powers. The Torch then began a life as a normal man, adopting the name Jim Hammond. He later became part of Heroes for Hire, Inc.

Storm along with the rest of the Fantastic Four and members of the Avengers, along with other heroes fought the menace of Onslaught. The group seemingly gave their lives to defeat this menace. In fact, they were shunted to another reality created by Storm's nephew Franklin. The heroes have since returned.