Corporate spokesblob for Pillsbury Company.

The Pillsbury Doughboy debuted on November 5, 1965 as a spokesman for Pillsbury's ready-to-bake line of pasteries and breads. A claymation creation, the Doughboy has been hawking the wares of Pillsbury for over 35 years. His real name (if a claymation character can have a real name) is Poppin' Fresh. Known for laughting when poked in the stomach ("Hoo hoo"), the Doughboy is a chubby, white figure clad only in a white baker's hat with the Pillsbury logo..

According to the Pillsbury website, the Doughboy holds the title of the most popular food-product character, having lost the title one year to the California Raisins, but winning the title back the following year.

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