A device/character that was created by Jack Kirby and published by DC Comics. The Mother Box first appeared in Forever People #1.

The Mother Box is device that could best be described as a sentient computer. The devices are always referred to with the female pronoun, never neutral or male pronouns, and are treated as being intelligent. They were created by the New God Himon of New Genesis, who successfully, linked the Mother Boxes to the Source, the benevolent cosmic power that controls the universe.

The Mother Box can only be used by those of good moral character. This is possibly the explanation that the inhabitants of Apokolips, used-car salesmen, lawyers, and Martha Stewart are unable to use these devices. The Mother Box can be injured and die, just like other living beings. The person who holds and uses the Mother Box can heal it by thinking loving and nuturing thoughts toward it.

The Mother Box can perform a plethora of functions. It can create magnetic fields, force fields, and webs for capturing opponents. It can allow the holder to pass through solid objects. It can rearrange matter, which it does for the New God Orion, transforming his fearsome appearance to a more handsome one. Orion's Mother Box also helped him control his violent nature. It can teleport the holder, or in the case of the Forever People, be used to summon Infinity Man. It is used by Mister Miracle to aid in his death-defying escapes.

It is rumored that Himon originally created a sentient device called the Father Box. However, he had to abandon this project because he used a Microsoft product as the operating system, so the angry and frustrated thoughts of the New Gods who used the Father Box caused the device to keep dropping dead.