A Marvel Comics superheroine.

Ms. Marvel II (alter ego: Sharon Ventura) spent her formative years under the shadow of her domineering father, an officer in the US Military. After being expelled from military school, Sharon embarked upon a difficult regimen of physical training, becoming extremely proficient in all kinds of athletic endeavors.

While working as a stuntwoman, Sharon met Ben Grimm, and they developed feelings for each other. She also joined the female wrestling team named "The Grapplers", under the supervision of the malicious Auntie Freeze. Freeze told Sharon her employment with The Grapplers was dependent upon Sharon's undergoing treatments to enhance her strength, using drugs provided by Dr. Karl Malus.

With the help of Grimm, Sharon escaped Freeze's clutches before the final addictive dose of the drug could be given. Grimm then offered Sharon membership in The Fantastic Four.

Shortly after Sharon joined the group, she and Grimm were exposed to cosmic rays which mutated them both, making Sharon take on the physical aspect of Grimm's first incarnation as The Thing for a short period of time. The condition was not permanent, and Sharon continued to mutate, gradually losing her mental capacity until finally she had to be restrained in Reed Richards laboratory. Ultimately, she escaped, and was last seen roaming the wilderness.

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