A super-hero created by Jack Cole for DC Comics. Midnight first appeared in Smash Comics #18 in 1941.

Midnight was really Dave Clark, a radio announcer at the WXAM. Dave's assignments were both as an announcer on radio serials, including a new one called Midnight and as the station's news reporter. When a twelve story building and a local dam both collapsed due to poor construction, Dave decided to become a masked mystery man to bring the wrong-doers to justice. Dressing all in a dark blue suit, with matching fedora and a domino mask, Dave Clark became Midnight, the "errie friend of the needy."

Midnight's first adventure saw him use his skills as boxer to bring Morris Carleton of the Carleton Construction Company to justice. He later went on to join the Freedom Fighters and the All-Star Squadron.

Later in Midnight's career, he teamed with the scientist and inventor Doc Wacky and the doctor's talking pet chimp Gabby. Midnight used two of Wacky's inventions for a time. One was his bubble gun that inexplicably shot bubbles at an opponent with enough force to knock him to the ground. Later, Midnight adopted the doctor's vacuum gun that shot a suction cup and line out and would reel itself in, allowing the user to be pulled after it.

Another of Midnight's accomplices was the detective Sniffer Snoop. Snoop was provided for comic relief and was accompanied by his pet polar bear Hotfoot.