My name is Ignito and I am a god.

Of midnight and writer’s block, if your interested.

These days though, few are.

Ever noticed how very similar the letter ‘f’ is to the letter ‘b’. Few are. Beware. It kinda works. Go with me on this. Come with me.

You fear the fickleness of the Muse?



Rather, fear and watch for me instead!

Tremble before and weep and watch the clock turn to twelve. Then despair the hour away before I retreat back to my domain.

Midnight and writer’s block go hand in hand.


 Wish I could write enough to write everything in the whole world and finally get wise enough and bored enough to stop writing. Wish I could just write a bit more than I do these days. They say to write every, single day. I’m trying to write everyday but it’s not enough. After ten thousand years it’s not yet a routine, it’s not yet as important as my heartbeat and I have to keep going until it is.

Unfortunately I am very lazy and human. Well, not that second part. I am much, much worse than human. So it might take a while.

The inspiration is fleeting or lacklustre. Most days it barely scrapes in at ‘spiration’. There’s no ‘in’ about it. Most days I’m just ‘spired’. And that’s not good enough.

There’s a vicious cycle here. I can’t get great if I don’t practise but I feel I won’t get great so why practise? Because I don’t write for love or joy but because one day I want to live off it. It’s not easy to make a living as a god at the moment. I’m looking for employment elsewhere than the Netherwhere, so if anyone’s looking for an all-powerful being to put in some sort of a Poetic Management position, pass it on, yeah, cool?

I can’t get any ordinary office job; I want to keep my soul, thank you very much. Writing is the only thing I feel I can do moderately well and it’s the only thing I burn to do.
It’s so tricky though. SO few make it. So very few. J.K. Rowling for instance. I want to be her – but I am merely one of hundreds of thousands ‘spired’ to follow in her footsteps.

I can at least take a little vindictive pleasure in having haunted her on more than one occasion.

I am Ignito and I rule the witching hour.


Come with me.

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