Hello everyone and thanks for the warm welcome.  Dem Boss works in strange ways and putting me on this elite team was one of em... Color me humble.

In any event, I'm delighted to be amongst you and will do my best to be an asset.  Towards that end,  I've been so wrapped up with the Copyright Redemption Quest that I still haven't begun to get my bearings as a Content Editor.  Hopefully things will settle down in the next few weeks and I can learn what all these new buttons and knobs do.

With respect to the Quest itself, while it's too soon to call it a success, we've processed over 511 writeups so far, helped educate some users about copyright and fair use, and had a bit of fun in the process.  The Content Salvage Team (CST) has developed a really slick methodology for performing copyright compliance reviews.  I'd never thought of E2 as a collaborative work environment before, but the process we're using for the Quest is surprisingly efficient.  If anyone is interested in learning more about it, I'd direct you to CST_Chat, a collaboration doc that has our Reviewer Instructions and many examples of copyright reviews in progress. 

Along those same lines, we've also got an interesting Copyright-related Q&A on the Content_Salvage scratchpad. that describes some of the more interesting questions we've encountered thus far.

My one sad little claim to E2 editor fame was a nuking of the now deceased male right to choose (Interesting idea but poor execution, too short, a little scattered, bad title choice) with some much appreciated handholding by the esteemed Ouroboros.  It was a clean kill, and the author even thanked me when I /msged him to take responsibility for the deed. For the record, I didn't enjoy it.

As a final note, while I haven't made much progress towards assuming the Content Editor mantle as of yet, I have had the pleasure of encouraging a very promising new noder Joyeuse, who I'd encourage you all to read if you haven't already.  


Ack! Only Admins and CST Group members can see the CST_Chat document. Sorry, but that's by design because we need a private workspace for the review process. I'll stick the Reviewer Notes on the Content_Salvage Scratchpad (bottom) for anyone who is interested.